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Licht für Tibet e.V.: Privataudienz beim 17. Karmapa

Licht für Tibet e.V.

Privataudienz am 26. April 2016 mit His Holiness, dem 17. Karmapa in Nordindien.

Wir unterstützen den „Licht für Tibet e.V.“. Eine Patenschaft ist eine besondere Möglichkeit, um aktiv zu helfen und zu verändern: Sie sichern ihrem Patenkind mit nur 30 Euro im Monat grundlegende Dinge wie Schulbildung, Ernährung, medizinische Versorgung und Unterkunft.

To reach more people in need
Simone and Peter Gradl from „Light for Tibet“ hand over donation in India

Sulzbach-Rosenberg. Currently, the association „Light for Tibet“ looks after 67 sponsorships. This will effectively help Tibetan refugees who have found refuge in India. The chairwoman Simone and her husband Peter Gradl are currently on the subcontinent again to hand over 23.500 Euro of donations.

In close cooperation with in the ducal town of Sulzbach-Rosenberg well-known Buddhist monk Lama Tendar, the two will also make contact with new godchildren in South India on their journey. The destination Bylakuppe is five hours of driving west of Bangalore, where several monasteries (between 5.000 and 8.000 monks per monastery) and some Tibetan refugee camps are located. There will be enough opportunities for the people from Bavaria to support poor, sick and needy people.

After that, the route of the Gradls, which have already committed themselves to this humanitarian mission for nine years, is returning to North India, where most of the godchildren live in Rewalsar and the surrounding area. „Our main task during our visits is, to hand over the money of the sponsors directly to the refugees“, Simone and Peter Gradl explain their approach. The joy and gratitude of the people always touches them deeply at the individual meetings.

In addition to the direct sponsorships, the association, which can count on an important custodian in Lama Tendar, is showing great commitment in supporting children in order to enable them to attend school. Only education leads the way out of the devil’s circle of poverty. The Gradls are bringing more than 23.500 Euro to the Tibetan refugee camps.

Without any bureaucracy
The association’s representatives set great value upon personal contacts, in order to be able to follow directly the path of the diverse assistance. The association works exclusively on a voluntary basis in order to avoid the cost of bureaucracy. In this context, the association’s representatives want to thank all donors who have made possible this substantial amount. A nice sum could also be collected at the Rosenberger Village Christmas and at the Hersbrucker Christmas market.

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